B.D. – Tacoma, WA

B.D. – Tacoma, WA

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“I always knew I wanted to get my placenta encapsulated but during pregnancy I became super depressed. I didn’t do much preparation. I decided I really wanted them 5 days before being induced. I didn’t think it would happen but Alecia made it happen! She made the process of packaging my placenta easy and was amazing when she came and picked it up. With everything that is going on when your having a baby, I didn’t worry about this not one bit. I got my capsules back way quicker then I thought and she delivered them herself to where ever I needed. Her customer service is just amazing. I was so happy with how much care she put into this whole process. I’m so happy I got my capsules. I was a strong candidate for ppd and I’m now 3 months pp and I’m so happy. I think the placenta pills did wonders for my mental health. I felt like I had more energy with learning how to be a mom and dealing with the anxiety of staying home. I healed so quickly, I stopped bleeding 2 weeks pp and stopped feeling pain within a couple days! I was really worried that when I run out of them I would become severely depressed and that’s just not the case! I would recommend all moms to get their placenta encapsulated and I would 11/10 recommend Alecia the nurtured leaf! Shes all around amazing and so is the capsules!

I can’t thank her enough and I will be going back to her when I’m ready for another!”

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